Steel Kubaton Self Defense Keychain Tool (Extremely Durable Handle)


This Steel Kubaton Self Defense Keychain Tool is lightweight, accessible, efficient, and above all extremely durable which makes it a great self-protection device for joggers and college students.

Due to it’s lightweight it can easily be carried in anyone’s purse or wallet. The Kubaton comes from the Japanese weapons tradition, specifically based on Tenouchi, Suntetsu, and Dokko.

In appearance, the kubotan seems harmless, but the reality is that it is a highly efficient and discreet weapon.

Let’s say that the surprise factor contributes a lot to the effectiveness of this weapon since it can be taken out of nowhere and do enough damage to guarantee defense in dangerous situations.

Which is the very best Kubotan?

Steel Kubaton Self Defense Keychain Tool 2

The device you pick for your self-defense collection needs to be the one that fulfills the demands you request. There are a number of kinds of Kubotanes on the marketplace

  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Tactical pen
  • Kubotan keychain
  • Extensible

Basically, the best sellers in most online shops are the Aluminum and keychain as they are very easy to use and have very affordable prices, in addition to their good durability.

You also have the option of obtaining a ballpoint pen with a Kubotan tip and that can offer you a security that another ballpoint pen could not, we recommend that you review all opinions and buy the one that best suits your needs.

Are they good self defense tools?

Absolutely, they are multipurpose self defense tools that can protect you at all times. The idea is that you always have a discreet tool that you can use to defend yourself no matter where you are. You can easily camouflage it and use it as a ballpoint pen in your daily writing.

Are Steel Kubaton Self Defense Keychain Tools illegal?

They are completely legal in most states, so you will have nothing to worry about. Although they can do great damage, you don’t need to hide it if a law enforcement officer detects it. Discreet Self-defense keychains are the order of the day and are increasingly in demand due to the times we live in.

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